Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dragging My Feet.

I do not know why these socks are taking me so long to finish. I love the yarn, the pattern makes me happy, and they are my birthday present to myself. I had one done by my birthday. My most recent deadline was last Friday and they are still not ready for toes. 
What is my malfunction?
I love making socks. They make me feel smart. Dreams of the next pattern have already been percolating in my brain. Something with some tricky cables in a solid color. I am looking at either teal or bright red yarn from The Fiber Universe.
I also have some more Madelinetosh yarn from Philly to make a hat for C. It should go quickly, although I have never made an  ear-flap hat before. Maybe that will be the perfect break before I begin panicking about Christmas knitting. 
Last year we started a tradition of giving a hand-made gift to each other. I made us all hats, with mine being a combination of all of them. I loved it. Shorty gave us all personalized pillowcases, C created memento keepers, and Lou made us each scratch board illustrations. I am planning on felted slippers for all of us this year. I know which yarn and pattern I will use for the girl version, but not sure for Sonny's yet. 
Maybe the problem is that I am knitting these socks for myself. It seems that I am usually more motivated when I am knitting for someone else. I didn't have much of a delay in finishing my sister's birthday shawl, even though it was completed at the exact last possible mailing moment. Same with my great-niece's wedding sweater.
It is possible, with the knitting time I get today, that they will be ready for toes. And if there is any time for knitting in Milwaukee, I may be able to finish them up. However, I am determined not to look up yarn stores in Milwaukee. If we happen to encounter one, I will go in though. I shouldn't buy anything, unless it is the most perfectest sock yarn ever....but I could still visit.

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