Friday, April 20, 2012

Pretties To-do

There are so many ideas percolating in my brain. I feel the need to create and change. I plan on several areas feeling a refreshing touch. 
Plans for my garden:
Rainbow sticks for my peas. They will anchor the strings for them to climb into their glory and add a bit of color.
I decided my plot needs a little natural decorating. I have found a robin's egg shell and many other found items will be combined to make art in the dirt. I am excited. I think an owl theme will prevail this year. 
I found my plant markers, I just need to find the right supplies.

Operation refresh living room:
I am going to recushion the couch myself. 
I need to sew a slip-cover that will not shift if I can't find a commercial one. I am tired, oh-so-tired, of replacing the sheet or blanket that protects its wonderful redness. 
The couch needs some throw pillows also, dog-friendly throw pillows for Miss Jones.
The record corner needs some wall help....I am tired of it being blase.
I am going to reorganize the bookshelf and make it new and fun. So many odd little things to fit in in fun, surprising ways. 

Kitchen Spruce up:
New valences to go with the new curtains that will hopefully be sporting their pom-pom trim. 
Some prints to decorate the walls. 
A hutch reorganization to showcase my pans in a different way.
Maybe new shelving by the stove?
I should create more little "vignettes" on the shelves by the sink. Fun little spots to fill your eyes.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hellow, Tuesday

This weekend I began feeling antsy. After being downright hot, then cold, it is finally warming up and looking like a normal Spring. Even if all of the plants are ahead of schedule (lilacs in March?!?). The peonies should be blooming this week or early next week. I cannot wait. They might be my favorites of all time, although it seems whatever is blooming at the moment is always my favorite. 

I have my own garden this year. Really gardenS! A veggie/herb patch in the back yard and two flower beds in the front. I am going ahead with my flower seeds this week. I already have peas, carrots, and broccoli in the backyard. I need to get my peas staked up and started up the strings this week. I have a feeling these little gardens are going to be so much fun. And so delicious. Plus there are 60+ tomato plants on the front porch growing stronger everyday. Those are C's babies though. Her garden area is HUGE this year. 

We have had our share of excitement recently. Three college acceptance letters arrived and future choices were made. (Close to home, YAY!) We have been on quick little day trips here and there. Knitting projects have flown off the needles: a Quaking Aspen shawl (nearly done), a calorimetry (for Louie? I thought it was for me!), and baby booties that just need some decoration before gifting. I have my next project ready to go after a fun day of yarn shopping with our favorite Aunt Carol. Rainbow yarn....oh my! Sonny got his driver's permit and after his first time behind the wheel promptly lost interest in driving o_0  But we are heading out again this week and pushing forward with this important skill for him.

I have begun making a list of forty goals to accomplish before the big 4 0. Things like writing a short story and submitting it for publication....Taking a vacation and staying at an ACE hotel....Learning to knit "continental" style. All fun things to tackle. And if I get through these forty things quickly...I will choose forty more! New things to play with are always popping up.

But I can't shake this feeling that something is about to happen. Like something big is right around the corner. Something even more exciting, in a good way. I can't wait to find out what it is. I'm ready!