Friday, April 20, 2012

Pretties To-do

There are so many ideas percolating in my brain. I feel the need to create and change. I plan on several areas feeling a refreshing touch. 
Plans for my garden:
Rainbow sticks for my peas. They will anchor the strings for them to climb into their glory and add a bit of color.
I decided my plot needs a little natural decorating. I have found a robin's egg shell and many other found items will be combined to make art in the dirt. I am excited. I think an owl theme will prevail this year. 
I found my plant markers, I just need to find the right supplies.

Operation refresh living room:
I am going to recushion the couch myself. 
I need to sew a slip-cover that will not shift if I can't find a commercial one. I am tired, oh-so-tired, of replacing the sheet or blanket that protects its wonderful redness. 
The couch needs some throw pillows also, dog-friendly throw pillows for Miss Jones.
The record corner needs some wall help....I am tired of it being blase.
I am going to reorganize the bookshelf and make it new and fun. So many odd little things to fit in in fun, surprising ways. 

Kitchen Spruce up:
New valences to go with the new curtains that will hopefully be sporting their pom-pom trim. 
Some prints to decorate the walls. 
A hutch reorganization to showcase my pans in a different way.
Maybe new shelving by the stove?
I should create more little "vignettes" on the shelves by the sink. Fun little spots to fill your eyes.

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