Friday, March 1, 2013

{7/52} - Food

Another late start weekend. A break from the usual though. Instead of the wonderful brown sugar cinnamon cream cheese popovers, I made scones. 
Another Smitten Kitchen recipe. I added dried cranberries. Sonny described them this way:
Me: "what do you think?"
Him: "Not good."
Me: "What don't you like?"
Him: "It's like bite...cardboard,cardboard,cardboard....cranberry."

The texture was good, but they could have used more flavor. Like some cinnamon and a friend suggested soaking the cranberries in OJ before adding them. I'm going to do that next time I make them. 


1 comment:

  1. I'm laughing. Cooking for honest people is such a burden. 'rCardboard, cardboard, cardboard.....

    I have scones at a breakfast we have at St. Brendan's Inn and I like them, but have decided they're a cross between biscuits and cookies. They put very tiny fruit in them---or perhaps they chop raisins into bits. Hmm...