Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer needs a speeding ticket!

I wanted to have so much free time this summer. I envisioned long days spent reading, taking pictures, and knitting. In reality I have spent so much time in the car, washcloths are the only thing I have been able to knit, and I lost some film and/or forgot to pack it when I wanted it.

But it has still been great. We have gone to Woodhaven more than we ever have. Even a few trips for two + two puppies! Our garden is more amazing than I could have anticipated. Matthew has not wrecked the car (yet) and my nerves are not shot (even though I keep saying rules of the road while C is driving). We made it to 2 concerts, her fave and my old reliable. Both were great.

I have managed to mostly avoid the sunburn, even though I am now a deep-ender. I learned to tread water in June and now I do not want to get out of the pool. I am able to just jump into the deep end (with Jenny & Louie doing a countdown) and I went down the slide. I have even decided that I will start training now for the Senior Olympics so I will be at the top of my game. After 65 years of training, I will surpass Michael Phelps in greatness.
Baby me, you can't see my sisters holding up numbers for my performances ala Olympic style :)

My corner of the garden gave us carrots and peas as well as some early tomatoes. The tomatoes are still going strong. Who could have known that picking carrots could be so much fun? Like unearthing a mystery! And they are so tasty.
he didn't know I had a camera

I also took a writing class at the YWCA. I was not expecting it to lead where it has when I first saw the flyer at the library. I met weekly with a wonderful group of ladies and was introduced to some wonderful readings. I have a goal of writing a short story before I turn 40, and this class was one step to jumpstart that process. But, maybe I am not such a short story writer? Maybe I am an essay writer? Or...a poet? We covered nonfiction, fiction, and poetry in class. I even found inspiration in my carrots:

Fresh Carrots
Still buried this morning
From seeds planted last March, 
Sewn with a gentle pat of hope 

Fresh carrots
Still buried this morning
Pulled by their tops,
Into the bright afternoon sun

Fresh carrots
Still buried this morning
Rinsed in the sink, 
Scrubbed by the cloth that I knit

Fresh carrots
Still buried this morning
Slivered by my knife, 
Dressed with a spicy sauce

Fresh carrots
Still buried this morning
Served for dinner,
With dear, dear friends


Now I am a volunteer at the county jail, doing a women's literature class.  Never would have thunk it. 

Garage sales have been so-so. I went often in the beginning, but I haven't found anything too notable. A set of dishes to fill in missing place setting in a mix-and-match sort of way. Some things for E for college. 

Speaking of college. It is coming too fast, but I am so excited for her to experience real life! She is going to have so much fun. I have decided after she leaves I will pick up a new hobby. Wine. :)

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