Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Onward and Upward

Another school year has started for us. In some ways it is the same, and in so many ways it is different. We are getting used to a new rythm, one that we have never danced to before. 
I was left behind on Matthew's first day of school, he rode with a friend. I still got up and made him a wonderful candlelit birthday breakfast before he flew out the door. I am still not used to them having friends that can drive.  He looked wonderful in his new clothes. And for once he got some reasonable shoes that I don't think are hideous. I do feel bad that his first day has been on his birthday the last few years, he kind of gets ripped off by having to share the first day of school budget and fanfare.

Today is Emily's first day of class. I know what she was planning on wearing, but I don't know if that is what she went with. And I am not entirely sure which class she has today. 
Dropping her off and getting her settled in was fun. The actual unloading process was very easy and her room is big and bright with a wonderful view. She is definitely in the heart of downtown. I hope her roommates are keepers. 
The programs the school had for parents were encouraging and they were smart enough to fill the broken-hearted Moms with liquor Saturday night.  She had a ton of programs to attend too and this weekend she will be busy exploring the city. 
It will take a while to adjust to one less heartbeat in the house. I am already counting the days til parent weekend so I can go visit and see all that she has learned.
So many parents there were concerned about what kind of jobs their children would have after school. I have never worried about that. She will be doing what she was always meant to do, and I can teach her to be poor if neccessary. So much of what is truly valuable cannot be bought, there is no price tag for innate happiness. 
I did realize I pretty much fail with the Pentax. When I have film, I don't have the camera. When I have the camera, I don't have film.... Someday I will get it right. Hopefully soon.

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