Thursday, October 27, 2011


I love that you can see the tomatoes ripening
I finally found the fabric for my new kitchen curtains. A square of vintage cotton from a yard sale is now hemmed up and hanging from my windows. I will add the pom-pom ball trim to the bottom as soon as I get the go-ahead from C. I am happy to have a new update and soon there will be shelves and new prints on the walls too. All in honor of my new pans.
It was tricky figuring out the new sewing machine, luckily my friend was very patient in answering my questions and sent me photo tutorials. And C politely ignored my cussing. Add to that the frustration of using a pattern that was the wrong size, there were a few times I wanted to chuck the whole thing out the window. But we were able to get everything worked out and the kids seemed happy with their outfits. I can't wait until Monday to take them trick-or-treating. I have my fingers crossed for good weather. 

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