Friday, October 21, 2011


I read through some of the directions to import Sarity from it's Typepad home. It does not look like an easy thing to do. Right now I am just thinking of changing Typepad to a micro account and allowing the content to stay there.
What will you need to go there to find?
  • My super secret Chocolate Crumble Bars recipe
  • My previous Oh What a Find! Treasures
  • Pictures form 2010-2011
  • Hilarious stories and life updates
I now have most of one costume done (just need a tiara) and am ready to sew a skirt with some imporvisations and modify a t-shirt to become a cheerleader costume. I thought I was going to get off easy and be able to let Julianna wear a traditional Herron girl costume, the gypsy skirt. No deal. She is too big. And it is so sad because it is such a beautiful costume. Back in the cedar chest for it an hopefully I can remember it next year for Annabelly.

I like to take my nieces and nephews trick-or-treating and sew their costumes. I didn't the last 2 years, but I did take them to Wildlife Scary Park. They had a good time. This year, I am off work early so we can hit the streets and get our loot. I am so excited. A cheerleader, a ballerina, and Wolverine will be out haunting the neighborhood and fighting over who gets to ring the doorbell. I hope it is warm out. Or at the least, not damp feeling....
And I hope my sewing machine will work....without cuss words.

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