Tuesday, January 22, 2013

{2/52} - Food

We had Lou's friends over for a wonderful dinner. Coq au vin using this fast, and probably not very authentic, recipe. I've made it before and it looks like an impressive meal. At least I feel fancy serving it. We kept the meal simple with bread, green beans, and potatoes.
For dessert during Samsara I served a cranberry cake. That was the new recipe of the week. It was ok, easy to make but not the taste sensation I was hoping it would be. I served it with Smitten Kitchen's cranberry sauce on top and a scoop of ice cream. 
Dinner with the kids and their friends (usually Lou's) is always a good time. We laugh and talk about disgusting stuff. We tease and joke and have seconds and get rowdy. It's what I think life is all about. Dinner and sharing it with the ones you care about. 
C told me I should let NPR know about our dinners, they had a "call for submission" about what dinner is like at your house. But I am at a loss for how to explain the experience. I invest so much time in preparing a feast for those I invite, and it is such a brief part of our day, but in so many ways it is the most important time we spend together. I don't think we really even realize what a big part of our lives it is until we get too busy (which occasionally happens). 
This meal was the last big one before Lou went back to Chicago. I'm glad her closest friends could join us. It was their first time watching Samsara and it was funny listening to them. It is an evening I won't forget spending with Lou in the city. We had no idea how it would open our brains to new things to think about. It showed us the world. I'm glad I own it and can't wait to share it with others at a grown up dinner soon!

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