Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Lou went back to Chicago today. It will be strange getting used to her being gone again. On the plus side, I get to send more mail! 
It made me feel better to send her back wearing the scarf I made her. Seven feet of wool to keep her warm in the cold. Weeks I spent knitting it with that special feeling in my heart that makes me feel like my soul is singing. On the train, in the car, at work, during Matthew's unexpected surgery - I took it with me everywhere. 


And today, I bought the yarn to make her a hat. 
I never would have known I was a knitter if C hadn't commented that she'd always wanted a homemade scarf. The day I decided to knit one was so random, I had no idea the people I would meet or the things I would create. 

It calms me. It passes the time when I am idle. It clothes the people I care about. In some small way I feel that I am protecting my family by knitting for them. I can't really explain it and it may not be reasonable, but there is power in what I make. Because it is made with love. My love. Every. Single. Stitch.   
I am a knitter.

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